Music Monday: Demons!

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Hidy ho my superdy duper little love monkeys!

Look at me! I didn’t forget to do the Music Monday post today!! GO ME!!

This post is a little hard for me to really do. Why you might ask? Well, you all know I like to add a little visual aid to my posts and this one was a hard to do.

Mainly because I didn’t want to scare the bejesus out of anyone with how I see the big baddies in Divinity. I’m not going to lie to you, they are some pretty gruesome individuals. So, I trolled around the web and I did find some excellent visual images of how I see the demons in this tale, however, the photos were really quite scary and I didn’t want to send anyone running and screaming from my wee little corner of the web. That being said, I did happen across an image that I thought I could share with you. Now, this isn’t an image of demons, those were all just too much, this is of another baddie in the tale, goblins. And I apologize in advance for anyone I might scare.

Heehee! Gotcha! Seriously though, this is how I envisioned the goblins but I love that they are drinking tea 🙂

Okay, I DO have some music to go with the demons in the story! This piece just oozes what the demons are all about, Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson.

Now, you’ll notice that this isn’t they official video because quite frankly the actual video creeps me the hell out! Actually, Marilyn Manson himself gives me the heebs but I think that’s what gives this song the right vibe for my demons. Why does this song say Divinity demon to me? Well, let’s look at the first couple of lines of the book, shall we…



They’re everywhere, hiding in plain sight. Lawyers, doctors, politicians, the guy on the corner, the lady ringing up your groceries, your kid’s principal, or the over-exuberant PTA mom who runs every bake sale and fundraiser at the school.


See what I mean? The words to Sweet Dreams alone speak volumes as to how I envision my demons, but add in Marilyn Manson’s creep factor and it’s a dead ringer. Heck I can practically hear it when I read that part there.

Anywhoo, that’s all I have for you today! Stay tuned for more blog fun later this week!

Until next time,
Patty <3

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