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Happy Friday my super shiny love monkeys! Did you attack this week like a sugar crazed kid attacks a piece of chocolate cake? You’re Fun Dippity right you did!

So, I’m SUPER excited that my blog tour kicks off on Monday!

A big SUPER thanks to Missie from The Unread Reader for putting it together and being just super awesome! We are not only giving away 6 eBooks but 5 actual paperback books as well! Now let’s breakdown the wheres and the whens to you know where and when you need to know to get your little monkey mitts on some goodies!

Sept. 17th ~ The Unread Reader
Sept. 18th ~ Rainy Day Ramblings
Sept. 19th ~ The Nocturnal Library
Sept. 20th ~ Books and Things
Sept. 21st ~ Candace’s Book Blog
Sept. 24th ~ Tina’s Book Reviews
Sept. 25th ~ Supernatural Snark & Geeky Bloggers Book Blog
Sept. 26th ~ Bewitched Bookworms
Sept. 27th ~ The Unread Reader
Sept. 28th ~ Happily Ever After Reads

And have no fear my darlings I will also be Tweeting these links and Divinity teasers from @Patricia_Leever and Facebook from Patricia Leever~Romance Author and don’t forget you still have 10 days to enter to win one of two books over on Goodreads!

Alrighty my darlings, have a wonderful weekend and be sure to tune back in on Monday when we kick this awesome blog tour off!

Until next time,
Patty <3

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