Music Monday: Say WHAT?

Posted on by Patricia Leever

Greetings me spooky little love monkeys! Did everyone have a grand time following the Divinity Blog Tour?

I know, I know, I dang near missed the Monday bus, but good lord, it’s been one of those days! Holy Toledo, I didn’t think I’d EVER get to sit down!

Well, now that the blog tour is done, I’m going to be trying to get back into my blog schedule, which means it’s Music Monday time! YAY!!

And since it’s October this month’s blog is going to be chock full of my favorite thing, HALLOWEEN!!! WOOHOO!!!

I’m going to bring you some of my favorite Halloween things, including how things are going with my Zombie March 2012 costume 🙂

So, let’s get this party started!! This song here is very new and albeit not technically Halloween-y, but it is the way I listen to it, let’s take a look at Kiss You Inside Out by Hedley

Like I said, on the surface this sounds like a very lovey dovey song and he just loves her so much right?

Yeah, well, when I here this song, a twisted little horror movie plays out in my head. I’m seeing this handsome dude that goes to bars and picks up unsuspecting girls to take back to his hotel room/apartment/house to seduce. In said seduction, he has his little ritual where he’s pampering them and making them feel all special and stuff until he goes to kiss them…

That’s when my twisted wee brain takes over and I can see him literally kissing them inside out. Hmmm, maybe this is fodder for a new demon in an upcoming book. A demon that literally kisses his victims inside out only to leave the empty husk laying around like a shirt that’s been discarded. And you have no idea how much I giggle when this song is on!

Yes, I realize how twisted this all sounds and I quite possibly need help, but really, “normal” Patty is quite boring and I only let her out when I need to be all serious and junk 😉

By the way, don’t forget that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month so get your boobies checked! As much as I loathe the beasts I lug around on my chest, I think dying would suck a whole lot more. So get your mamograms and do your boobie checks! DO IT!

Okay, I’m outtie my squishy little marshmallow peepy love monkeys! Stay tuned, for more blog fun and updates on the Zombie March 2012 costume project!

Until next time,
Patty <3

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