Happy Friday! Clarity~A Divinity Prequel!

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Happy Friday my cheeky little love monkeys! Did you toss this week back like a martini; shaken, not stirred? You’re 007 right you did!

Alrighty my lovelies, you might have seen some talk on Facebook and Twitter about a Divinity prequel short. Well I’m here to tell you that it is true and my awesome publisher, Omnific Publishing, is working diligently to get it up and running for my wonderful readers! Until then, let me share with you the amazing cover and the official back cover summary!

Gasping for air inside an ice-filled tub. Convulsing from an electric shock to the brain. Struggling against restraints that bind and gag…

Just another day at Agnews, The Great Asylum for the Insane.

But for Evelyn, the night is so much worse.

Demons—wearing white coats and crisp white hats—prowled the halls, searching for a patient who would serve as their evening’s entertainment. And from the moment I’d arrived, I seemed to be their favorite play toy.”

A young woman committed to the asylum during the late 19th century, Evelyn knows she isn’t insane, that the creatures she sees and suffers at the clawed hands of aren’t hallucinations. Yet she’s all alone but for their unholy company and the doctors trying to vanquish these “visions.”

All alone but for the others who can see what Evelyn sees, too. And they’re coming for her.

In this short-story prequel to Patricia Leever’s Divinity, we meet Evelyn Brighton before the tattoos—before a century of training and supernatural combat makes her an official bad-ass. Both eerie and endearing, Clarity transports us back to Evelyn’s origins, revealing the crucial turning point that delivers her from misunderstood maiden to deadly demon hunter.


Now when I saw this cover I couldn’t help but see what it would look like next to Divinity and you know what? It’s looks so freaking COOL!

 And then I thought, you know what, that would make a freaking awesome wallpaper so I slapped that sucker on my laptop AND my phone and you can too! Just right click and save and you too can have Evie as your wallpaper!!

I’m still waiting to hear when Clarity will be released, but I do know what it will be really really soon and of course as soon as mama monkey knows, my little love monkeys will know, so stay tuned!

Be go to each other and have an awesome weekend!

Until next time,
Patty <3

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