Halloween Giveaways!

Posted on by Patricia Leever

Hidey ho my spooky little love monkeys!

Are you getting all ready for Halloween? We are in full swing here in mi casa! The Main Street Zombie March is on Saturday and I’m so freaking excited I can’t even stand it!! Not only am I excited to participate and shamble my booty off down Main Street, BUT Divinity bookmarks and tattoos are going to be there! Oh yeah, you read that right! Are you in the Santa Clarita area (or there abouts) and want to get your hands on some cool swag or just want to get your shamble on, come on by Brave New World Comics and join us! It’s going to be super fun!!

And on top of all the zombie fun, Yours Truly is participating in not one, not two, but THREE giveaways!! Halloween is like my Christmas so why not give some gifts out to my little love monkeys? Check out the deets…

There is a chance to win, not only Divinity, but three other Omnific titles via A Tale of Many Reviews!

Also, there is not only an ebook giveaway but there is also a spooky excerpt from Divinity over at Sam, Elena & Rhonda’s Awesomeness!

AND THEN there is an ebook set of Divinity and Clarity, a swag pack (bookmark and tattoo) but also a box of Runts, the candy that fed the Divinity creative beast over at Romance Junkies! This one has a lot to look at so be sure to click around and see what else is being given away, there are all kinds of rooms to explore! I’m in the Magic Store and oh hey, that cauldron looks inviting *hint hint*

Whew! All kinds of fun huh?! And, of course it’s Thursday so be sure to check out Omnific’s Author! Author! Blog Bounce! to see what’s going on with everyone else!!

Okay, that’s all I have for you my dears, I’m off to work on my zombie costume, these things don’t splatter blood on themselves ya know 😉

Until next time,
Patty <3

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