It’s MAY!

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Greetings my delightful little love monkeys! Yes, it is May and guess what, I’m not dead!! (Not that it wasn’t close, too close for MY comfort anyway, but I digress)


Yes it’s May and I figured it was a great time to get back on the horse after a brief respite from blogging. And by “respite” I mean, it’s been 11ty million years since I’ve blogged.

So, what’s new with all of my glorious little love monkeys? Has the world been treating you well?

What’s that? What’s new with ME? Well a couple of things! After thinking it would never happen, I FINALLY got the outline down for the sequel to Divinity, Entity! Man alive, I didn’t think it would ever come out of me but that sucker shot out of my fingers and onto the keyboard like I was bleeding it! No joke, by the end of it I was crying so hard that hubs came home and thought someone had died. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to share little bits with my love monkeys!!

Another thing, starting August 5th, I’m joining some of my Omnific Publishing sisters; Nicki Elson, Carol Oats, and Debra Anastasia for a special Omnific Angels event! Stay tuned for deets, it’s gonna be AWESOME!

And finally, I found this on Facebook the other day



Yep, it’s a Photo-A-Day in MAY! Doesn’t this look fun? I thought so, so here we go, today is May 1st and today’s picture is “I Bought This”

5-1 I Bought This


Why yes, that IS a melon slicer and yes, I bought it! Isn’t it cool? So, if you feel so inclined join in on the fun! Post it here, post it on your Facebook and if we aren’t Facebook friends, let’s fix that! FACEBOOK!

Well, that’s all I have for you today, I’ll be back tomorrow with another photo! Have a fantabulous day my delicious little love monkeys and stay tuned!

Until next time,
Patty <3

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