Day 2-Morning Ritual

Posted on by Patricia Leever

Hola my sparkly little love monkeys! It is Day 2 in the Photo-A-Day in May challenge and today’s photo is “Morning Ritual”

5-2 Morning Ritual


Yeah. Aren’t I a lucky duck? I mean, who wouldn’t want to start their day with a glass full of baby aspirin flavored sand?┬áBut, alas, as much as I loathe just the sight of the Citrucel container, doc says I gots ta take it. And let’s face it, the alternative just really REALLY sucks. So here I am, swilling my gunk and sticking to my high fiber diet.

At least my body is FINALLY getting used to all this fiber. For a good 6 weeks I don’t think that there was a waking moment that I wasn’t farting. Seriously! I mean, I’m not even gonna sit here and tell you that I’m not a farter because I hope to shout I fart more than the average person. And I own it! Hell, I established that fact with the hubs whilst we were still dating. I figured if he was going to marry me, he’d have to marry me farts and all and I wasn’t about to go scurrying off into the other room to crack off a fart. We’d never be in the same room for crying out loud! I know women that wouldn’t even DREAM of farting in front of their man, but dadgum, I’m human and I fart. Guess what, I poop too!

Life’s people, fart it up while you can!

Until next time,
Patty *pphhfft*

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