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Greetings my nomtastic little love monkeys!

So one of my wonderful Omnific Publishing sisters, Amber Belldene, tagged me in this really cool Next Big Thing blog hoppity thing and it sounds really fun and I have a couple of big type things I’m working on.

One of said big type things is the sequel to Divinity and the other is The Angels of Omnific Event with even MORE Omnific Sisters, Carol Oates, Nicki Elson & Debra Anastasia! So, because I’m feeling wicked rebellious at the moment I’m calling this my Next Big ThingS (<–see what I did there with the “S”)

So here’s the thing, there’s some questions (I’m picking 3) about the Next Big Thing and since I’m adding the “S” I shall answer accordingly, sound good to you? Yeah, I knew it would 🙂

1) What is the working title of your book(s)? Let’s see, the working title to the Divinity sequel is, Entity. Now, the titles highlighted in The Angels of Omnific Event can all be found here in our Goodreads Group, Angels in Romantic Ficition, join us, it’ll be fun!

2) Where did the idea come from for the book? For Entity, the idea came from the main character Evelyn, she kept banging around on the inside of my head, demanding to have another adventure. And the idea for our Angel even came from the fact that we all have angels in our books, kinda makes sense huh?

3) What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? Well, let’s see, as far as Entity is concerned, more demon ass kicking, tattoos and some sexy times with Evelyn & Daniel. And the Angel Event, giveaways! Natch! Who doesn’t love giveaways? I know I love the HELL out of ’em!

So, are you a blogger that wants to get in on The Angels of Omnific action? Head on over to ATOMR Tours and sign up!

And just cause I love all my love monkeys so much, here is the kick-ass trailer Carol Oates made for our super fun event!

Music by the always amazing and wonderful Miss Jennifer DeLucy!

Okay, that’s all I have for you today my darlings, all of the highlighted text in this blog are links, go forth and share the love <3

Until next time,
Patty <3

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