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That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!

My boys are all oiled up and ready to get down and dirty!

Representing in the Smart Assed and Enigmatic category, we have Daniel Summers from Divinity, sponsored by Amber’s Reading Room. Okay, so maybe he’s not so much with the enigmatic, but he is just about as snarky and smart assed as they come. Plus, he says things like this




“I’m going to trace every single line of every single tattoo on your entire body.”


I’ll tell ya what, he ain’t lyin’!

And, representing in the Swoony and Sensitive category, we have the one, the only, the swashbuckling master himself, Orrin Walsh from Cat O’ Nine Tails, sponsored by Eskimo Princess Review Blog! This category is dead on, because this is how my boy Orrin rocks it



Orrin’s delightfully naked body shimmered with a light sheen of perspiration in the candlelight as he lay on his side, propped up on his elbow. He tilted his head back as he lifted a slice of mango to his lips and proceeded to seductively tongue the delicate flesh and slowly suck it into his mouth.


Hells yeah! That’s how Orrin rolls!

So, this is just Round One and I need y’alls help to get my boys into Round Two. All you need to do is head on over to Love Between the Sheets and cast your votes for Daniel and Orrin in their respective categories! And make sure to visit the sponsoring websites, Amber’s Reading Room and Eskimo Princess Review Blog, to enter to win an ecopies of Divinity and Cat O’ Nine Tails!

Now run my pretties! Fly across the interwebs my little love monkeys and vote your paws off!

Until Next Time,
Patty <3

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