To Fangirl or To NOT Fangirl…

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Hidey ho my wee little love monkeys! I hope this big, bad world has been treating you well.

So, my girls recently turned 14 and for their birthday the hubs and I got them tickets to Vans Warped Tour. You see, one of their favorite bands are going to be there and I really want them to have a live music experience because there really isn’t anything like live music. Especially when that live music is from a band you love. I’m super excited to watch them have fangirl moments because I’ve had those moments and it’s a feeling that you never forget.

Now, in my efforts to be a good parent, I have researched said band and listened to all of their music. I follow them all on Facebook, Twitter and the Instagrams. I’ve watched their music videos and subscribe to their guitarist’s vlog. And somewhere along the way of my stellar parenting, I have become a fan of these young men MYSELF. I say young men because I am of an age that I very well could have birthed them. The lead singer for sure.

Here’s my dilemma…when the concert comes, and I’m in the live music moment, do I fangirl right along with my girls or do I keep my cool? Do I rock moderately, clap respectfully and maybe woot a time or two?

Here’s a BIGGER dilemma…will I have any control over it? I have fangirl tendedncies. I know this. I’ve owned this. Will I be so wrapped up in the live music that I turn in a complete fangirl? A screaming, wailing, headbanging, rock-horn-throwing fangirl and make a complete arse out of myself?


Okay, in all honesty, I’m not all that worried about making an arse out of myself. I’m 99.9% sure that this will indeed happen. It’s virtually inevitable. I mean, this song of theirs was one of the driving forces behind the last book in the Divinity Series.

In fact their album, Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones, was pretty much all I listened to while I was writing. And I’ll tell you what, that is rare for me. I may find a song or two that speaks to me about what I’m working on, let alone an entire album. ESPECIALLY an album that has actual singing. For the most part I find lyrics distracting when I’m writing and try to just focus on the music but this was the whole shebang! The songs and the speaking parts in between the songs. Oh yeah, there’s speaking parts in between the songs and I’m not gonna lie, that little lead singer has quite the pleasant speaking voice in addition to a very nice singing voice.

And I have a confession to make, the lead singer kind of reminds me a skinnier version of Daniel. Holy crap! I’ve never actually said that out loud! Okay so this isn’t really “out loud” but it kind of is! Maybe it’s just me because Daniel lives in my head and I’ve tried like hell to find someone that looks like what I see when I write him and while I’ve used Chris Evans as an image before, Andy Biersack (that’s his name) is closer to what I see in my head than anyone else I’ve seen in real life. I mean…well shit, just look…


Balls. I can’t believe I just posted this.

But here it is. Out in the open. I feel slightly freed by this.

I also feel like a giant pervert for admitting this because homie is only 24.


I’m most likely going to hell.

Well, there you have it. Way more than I intended to share, but there it is, don’t judge. Okay, judge. I judge myself. I’ll wave to you all from hell.

Until Next Time,
Patty <3

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